Holistic Hoof Care Course

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Course Description

The Holistic Hoof Care Course gives you an insight in to keeping horses barefoot, hoof and foot structure and function. This course also covers laminitis, hoof pathologies, thermal imaging, holistic recipes, diet, track systems, transitioning your horse to barefoot, fitting hoof boots and much more. This course does not teach you how to trim.

Some of The Key Concepts Covered Include:

  • Hoof Anatomy, Structures and Functions
  • Hoof and Foot Care
  • Hoof Health
  • Laminitis and Diet
  • Hoof Boot Fitting How To Video
  • Track Systems
  • Transitioning Your Horse From Shoes To Barefoot
  • Trimming Assessment Video
  • Eight Sections, sixty one lessons and seven quizzes.
  • Horse Courses Online Certificate Of Achievement upon completion.

Meet Your Course Leader Lara Sportelli

Lara studied and trained with western and homeopathic vet Stefano Sabioni in 2006, her training includes hoof trimming, laminitis, hoof pathologies, hoof and foot structures, diet, natural keep and bio-mechanics. Lara trims and holds practical hoof care and trimming clinics. Anyone who would like to host a clinic or book a one-to-one, please get in touch with Lara. Also available are live online one-to-one trimming courses, refreshers and consultations. Lara is also qualified in equine thermography, human and equine physiology and anatomy, aromatherapy, therapeutic massage and saddle fit. Lara believes in a whole horse holistic approach to hoof care and empowering people to look after their own horses hoof care.